Window and door service

Experiencing issues with your windows?

Do you want your windows and doors to serve you reliably for many years?

Take care of it now!

We service all popular window profiles and ferrule systems of all construction joinery manufacturers.

We offer:

  • Adjustment and replacement of window and door ferrules,
  • Reparation of damaged joinery elements,
  • Sealing of windows and doors – replacement of seals and silicone,
  • Renovation and maintenance of varnish layer,
  • Replacement and assembly of glass panels,
  • Reparation of joinery damaged during a burglary,
  • Alterations, modernization of windows and doors – modification of window functions, assembly of anti-burglary ferrules and functions of tilt gradation,
  • Assembly of the additional fittings element such as drip caps, balcony catches, anti-burglary handles with keys, door closers,
  • Assembly of window ventilators and automatic window openers,
  • Assembly of external aluminum profiles on wooden windows in order to extend their lifetime,
  • Sales of maintenance agents for windows and doors.

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