Perform maintenance

Superdrew balcony windows and doors are equipped with highest class ferrules made by SIGENIA.

Manual concerning maintenance of ferrules

In order to extend reliable operation of these ferrules, the following actions should be executed at least once a year:

  • Grease or oil all mobile elements and bolting points.
  • Use only grease or oil without acids or resins.
  • Check all parts of ferrules which are important for safety in fixation points and susceptible to wear. If required, tighten securing screws or replace damaged elements.

  • NOTE!
    Below actions should be executed by specialized service facility:

    • replacement of ferrule parts
    • hanging and taking off a window sash
    • adjustment of ferrules

    For maintenance purposes, use only agents which will not damage ferrules or affect their anticorrosive protection.
    Protect ferrules during coating or varnishing windows and balcony doors.

    SUPERDREW windows and balcony doors are coated with highest class acrylic paints made by SIKKENS.

    Maintenance of paint coating

    Modern wooden windows do not require maintenance even for over ten years.

    In order to enjoy SUPERDREW windows for many years, it is advisable to take care of servicing and proper exploitation, and therefore

    we recommend using the following tips:

    Tips for investors

    Due to a danger of varnish layer damages, it is important to evaporize construction humidity from rooms with windows and doors. Therefore, it is important to:

    • properly ventilate rooms during plastering and painting.
    • immediately ventilate in case of vapour condensates on internal surfaces on windows.
    • ventilate periodically.
    • do not leave windows permanently tilted.
    Tips for owners and tenants

    Use only neutral cleaning agents or special SIKKENS cleaning agent to clean the construction elements. Aggressive agents such as solvents and scouring agents can damage the surface of cleaned elements and therefore shouldn’t be used. In case of wooden windows, attention should be paid to proper ventilation, which should be possibly frequent, possibly short and intensive to maintain properties of SUPERDREW wooden windows for a long time.

    Proper maintenance

    In order to guarantee long-term high quality of new windows, they should be regularly cleaned and maintained with the use of SIKKENS maintenance kit. It is the best way to extend the periods between window renovations. The aforementioned maintenance kit consists of special cleaning agents and a maintenance cream.

    Micro cracks, scratches and small damages can develop as a result of e.g. hail strike. Water penetrates into these micro cracks, which can result in blue stains. In order to prevent it, fill the cavities with maintenance cream – environmentally friendly and quickly drying product. Water drops down on cream covered surface and does not penetrate into a wood structure. The special cleaning agent cleans by penetrating deeply into the wood, dries with no marks and is water-dilutable. This set refreshes color and gives windows a new glare. Regular use of maintenance cream, minimum 2 times a year, will extend periods between window renovations and thus also its service life.

    Apply the special cleaning agent onto a cloth and remove dirt. Next, apply the maintenance cream using quick movements – do not rub or polish. Such protected wooden windows become shiny and are resistant to weather conditions.

    In case of damage, scratches, cavities, or cracks in the varnish layer, it is necessary to protect windows or balcony doors against further damage by applying appropriate SIKKENS varnish coat to the window surface.

      SIKKENS coats – adjustment and maintenance

      Manual of SIEGIENIA ferrules.