Winter gardens

Winter gardens, also called greenhouses, are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. They offer a possibility of turning a balcony or a ground area into a fully functional, thermally insulated space. This kind of construction is most advantageous during chilly, rainy days.

The entire structure is fully glazed, which makes the room bright and sunny throughout the year. Special anti-solar panels prevent the room from heating up.

Winter gardens made by Superdrew are characterized by modern structural and technological solutions, durability and high aesthetic value.

An essence of a winter garden structure is a roof made of glass and large area of vertical glass panels.

Apart from classic winter gardens, we also make:

  • Balcony and recessed balcony enclosures
  • Terrace and porch enclosures
  • Enclosures and roofs over building entrances
  • Swimming pool roofs
  • Wooden non-glazed shading elements - pergolas

We are ready to accept individual and atypical orders.


Superdrew builds winter gardens according to projects provided by the Clients. We also offer our own projects of winter gardens or other types of enclosures, e.g. balcony. We execute every project in accordance with the needs and preferences of our Clients. Superdrew guarantees comprehensive services, starting from preparation of architectural project and ending with assembly of a structure.


Structure of a winter garden is made of highly durable glued wood beams and poles (pine, oak, spruce, meranti). The structure also includes fixed frames, wooden windows and doors – side-hung, tilt and turn; HS slide or folded (accordion). We use envelope ferrules by German company SIEGENIA.

Windows can be equipped with mullions and Georgian bars: opened to the outside, Viennese (glued on a panel), construction.

Structure diversity:

Superdrew makes the following types of winter gardens:

  • wooden
  • wooden and aluminum - external part of the structure is covered with aluminum lining or a wood and aluminum profile, which changes the character of the building extends service life of the structure.

Winter gardens consist of a construction joinery made in the following systems:

  • DJ 68 with double panel glazing
  • DJ 90 with triple panel glazing.

Wooden elements are powder coated with Sikkens water varnishes on any transparent or opaque color. Aluminum profiles are powder coated with any color from the RAL palette.


Wall surfaces of our winter gardens are made of low-emission single-chamber multiple glazed panels filled with argon of wk = 1,1. Roof is covered with low-emission single-chamber multiple glazed panels filled with argon, thermally hardened from the outside and internally safe.

Based on the Client’s request, we also use glazing with triple panel, safe panels, anti-burglary, bulletproof, soundproof, reflective, anti-solar sunguard or self-cleaning panels which utilize UV radiation of sunlight and rain in order to eliminate organic contamination, water and dust stains. There is also a possibility of using a solid or multi-chamber polycarbonate resistant to UV radiation and other weather conditions. All panels have required attestations provided by suppliers.


In order to provide proper air exchange inside the object, windows are equipped with opening, tilting or micro-tilting features. Additional ventilators are also mounted.

Assembly: After the manufacturing process is complete, the garden is assembled in a factory in order to verify whether it is made properly. Then it is sent to the Client and assembled by Superdrew staff.