Wooden windows

Superdrew windows are an excellent way of making your house, flat or office stand out. When appropriately matched, they allow to emphasize style and character of the interior and considerably influence the external appearance of the building. Production focused on the needs of individual Client (exclusively custom orders), using highest quality materials and components, extensive range of window fittings, and our quality control system enable us to offer you wooden doors meeting the highest standards which will fulfill your expectations for many years.

Superdrew windows are made of specially selected pine, oak, larch wood and exotic wood such as meranti, afzelia, sipo or others, based on the Client’s request.

We make windows in various shapes and sizes. Window joinery can feature different functions (fixed, side-hung, tilt and turn, sliding and others).

Windows are available in a wide range of transparent and opaque colors from the RAL palette. Windows can even be painted with two colors.

Superdrew offer includes windows which are perfectly suited to individual needs and tastes.

Each type of wooden window can be equipped with additional decorative elements e.g.: heads, decorative vertical and glazing beads, transom bar. This way, the joinery can be made to match even historic and stylized objects.

Superdrew is ready to accept atypical orders and accomodate individual preferences of our Clients.

Each of our clients is one-of-a-kind. Welcome.