Wooden and aluminum windows

Superdrew wooden and aluminum windows feature a combination of the precious natural beauty of wood with the strength and easy maintenance of aluminum. The combination of wood and aluminum makes the windows exceptionally resistant to varying weather conditions. They do not require frequent maintenance and guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The building gains both modern character and comfort of warm and elegant wooden windows inside of the room. Wooden frame makes the window properly stiffened and appropriate thermal insulation is provided. The internal wooden surface creates a natural, warm atmosphere.

The main advantages of wooden - aluminum windows are aesthetic value and longevity. They look like new even when subjected to extreme weather conditions.

Wooden and aluminum windows are an exceptional product, which will satisfy even the most demanding Clients.

Wooden and aluminium window Classic DL 68

Wooden and aluminium window Comfort DL 78

Wooden and aluminium window Prestige DL 90

We use pine, oak, spruce and meranti wood to manufacture our wooden and aluminum windows. Our wood is carefully selected and dried. Any defects such as knots or cross grain are eliminated.

Superdrew offers wooden and aluminum windows in two systems:
  • Gemini – two independently connected frames, wooden (inside) and aluminum (outside).
  • Reno Line – standard wooden frame is protected from the outside with an aluminum cover.

Gemini window systems

Renoline window systems