French doors

Product description
Balcony doors opened to the outside. Doors intended mainly for the English market. Most often used as front, balcony or terrace doors. They are characterized by high acoustic isolation and excellent anti-burglary properties.

Technical specification
  • Profile thickness 54mm.
  • Doors are made of 3-layer glued wood in order to increase structure stability.
  • We use such wood as:
    • pine,
    • European oak,
    • American oak,
    • meranti
    • and other
  • Non-rebated doors.
  • Paints: Sikkens – ecological and water dilutable, scumbles or opaque paints
  • Wooden or aluminum threshold.
  • Simonswerk ferrules, YALE double door bolt– 2 hook, 1 insert.
  • Seal –Qlon
  • Silicone- acc. to joinery coloring
  • Joinery glazed with double panel with a possibility of using laminated, hardened, ornamental, high strength, acoustic, etc. glass.
  • There is a possibility of using various types of Georgian bars – glued with various widths and profiles, mullions, construction and removable.
  • Additionally: ventilators, machined beads and decorative heads.