Casement In Line windows

Product description

Casement type windows are traditional English windows opened to the outside.

These windows are dedicated mainly to the English and Dutch market, where cultural conditions require such technical solutions.

Casement Inline type windows enable users to arrange their window area and sill in an interesting way and facilitate usage. Due to sashes opening to the outside, the users gain space, which can be arranged in an interesting way without being forced to consider the space required for sashes opened to the inside.

SUPERDREW Casement Inline system is based on Euro Soft Line system structure. Windows are opened to the outside with the use of SECURISTYLE ferrules enabling to clean windows from inside the room. Due to a possibility of sliding the sash, user gains a space providing an access from both sides, which considerably facilitates window cleaning.

Inline type profile is characterized by minimalistic appearance due to facing the external sash surface with window frame surface. Due to this function casement Inline windows becomes an ideal alternative for classic windows used in modern construction industry also in Poland.

We manufacture all English windows basing on systems and fittings of renowned English companies used in Great Britain. We always take into account suggestions and requirements of our Clients resulting from specifics and needs of the foreign markets.

All required elements of window fittings are agreed individually with each Client.

Profile cross section
  1. Durable varnish layer – Sikkens ecological water based paints – excellent protection and beautiful surface of wood for many years
  2. Double panel 4x16x4mm with heat transfer coefficient Ug=1,1 W/m2K filled with argon
  3. Hot spacing frame - reduction of vapor condensation on the internal side of the window
  4. Window sash 63 mm thick
  5. 2 seals of extended lifetime – window tightness, heat and good acoustic insulation
  6. High-class 3-layer glued pine, meranti or other wood as ordered – guaranteed structure stability
  7. Window frame 92 mm thick

Soft Line classic window profile, or Retro with ornaments.

Technical specification
WOOD Pine, meranti, oak and other 3-layer glued wood
  • Windows opened to the outside
  • Frame thickness: 92mm
  • Sash thickness: 63 mm
  • Classic
  • Retro
  • scumbles emphasizing wood structure,
  • opaque in full RAL palette
  • 4-layer system for painting with highly dilutable ecological Sikkens paints
  • single and double colored joinery
  • Standard: “thermofloat” glazing Ug= 1,1 W/m2K
  • Optionally:
    • Safe and anti-burglary window panels
    • Absorptive and reflective panels,
    • Sound absorption panels,
    • Ornament, satin panels,
    • Self cleaning panels
  • Side-hung with a possibility of sliding the sash vertically in order to facilitate cleaning from the inside of the room,
  • Tilted to the outside,
  • Fixed glazing
  • Standard: Securistyle
  • Securistyle with a key
  • Q-lon made by Schlegel
  • Bilateral silicone covering
  • mullions in colors of RAL palette
  • bilaterally glued in a color of the window,
  • construction, in a color of the window, they divide window into defined number of areas which are glazed separately,
  • traditional „leads”
  • removed - fixed on the outside of the window with the use of magnets or catches, facilitate window cleaning
  • Aluminum
  • Steel - color: silver
  • plastic – colors: silver, black, light brown, dark brown
ADDITIVES: decorative ferrules, ventilator, opening limiter, frame extensions, handles with keys, sills, decorative vertical beads and heads and others
The appearance of various shades in one type of wood occurs due to the character and natural features of the wood. Moreover, wood samples can differ from actual shades due to different monitor parameters.

Window coloring – pine

    Window coloring – meranti

      The appearance of various shades in one type of wood occurs due to the character and natural features of the wood. Moreover, wood samples can differ from actual shades due to different monitor parameters. Therefore, we recommend to choose colors based on the samples available from the manufacturer and sales representatives.

      Options and accessories
      • Handles
      • Glass
      • Ferrules