English and Scandinavian windows

Windows in English and Scandinavian system.

Superdrew is also a manufacturer of wooden windows in English and Scandinavian system.

Cultural and practical conditions cause the inhabitants of these European regions to use primarily windows which open to the outside or slide up and down. Strong and constantly blowing wind presses the window to the frame, and, as the result, windows which open to the outside can easily be closed and tightly secured. The Sash (up-down) system allows to save some space inside the room.

In order to meet the requirements set by our foreign Clients, SUPERDREW company offers traditional English, Scandinavian and Dutch windows. Windows are manufactured with glued 3-layer pine, oak or red meranti wood (also other types of wood upon Client’s request).

We manufacture English type windows with the use of components which are renowned and accepted in the home market. We consider individual preferences and requirements dictated by tradition, culture and technical features.

We also manufacture windows in raw state or waterproofed for further finishing.