Fire windows and walls

Superdrew manufactures wooden fireproof joinery Ei 30, Ei 60, Ei 120.

We offer:

  • - fixed windows - transoms (fix) with Ei 30, Ei 60 fire resistance
  • - wooden glazed partition walls with Ei 30, Ei 60 fire resistance
  • - wooden and steel fixed fire windows and fire walls with Ei 120 fire resistance

Fire resistant windows and partition walls are characterized by high quality, aesthetic value and safety of use. Wooden fire walls are used for dividing rooms and building evacuation routes. They are glazed with safe glass of appropriate fire resistance class.

Glazed partition walls in a wooden frame are designed as fire partitions and their efficiency has been verified many times in the course of research and real fires. Wood is characterized by good and predictable behavior in the event of fire - it gets carbonized very slowly and maintains structural integrity.

Wooden glazed fire walls classified as fire resistant are partitions with fire resistance established in accordance with appropriate European standards.

Fire classified (fireproof) wooden glazed partition walls prevent fire from spreading by acting as a partition structure, which does not collapse for a defined amount of time.

This type of joinery is mostly used in public utility buildings, but can be found in individual constructions as well.

We offer our products in wide range of colors, both transparent and RAL.

All executions are implemented based on on individual orders in accordance with a project, specification and personal preferences of the Client.

Ensuring comprehensive customer service, Superdrew offers technical consultancy, assembly and service.

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