External doors

Doors presented below are only a few examples of the products we can make for you. Any modifications and variations are possible. We can also make doors according to your designs and inspirations.

Doors suited to your needs
Catalogue data
Structural specification of external doors:
  • core of sash and frame made of pine glued elements
  • boundary strip made of solid wood in accordance with selected finishing
  • all surface covered with waterproof plywood in order to protect against absorption of water from outside
  • profiles finished with natural wooden veneer (oak, beech, meranti, etc.)
  • elements connected by tenoning
  • frame embracing total wall width or other as ordered
  • bilateral finishing band covering connection of frame and wall
  • bands made of veneered or solid pinewood
  • all surface protected with SIKKENS varnishes acc. to manufacturer’s technology
  • door panel made of waterproof plywood with natural wooden veneer filled with polyurethane
  • rebated door
  • dimensions as ordered (existed holes in the wall)
Standard fittings
  • 3D external hinges (adjustment in three plains)
  • doors opened to the outside; hinge with a lock
  • covers on hinges in a shade of handles as ordered by the Client
  • 3 or 4-point lock, frame and bead fitted to the lock
  • handle with anti-drill sheet
  • P4 glass with Stopsol panel (reflective)
  • aluminum threshold
Additional fittings
  • lock with cylinder and key system
  • systems controlled by card, code, remote controller, etc.
  • stained glass, sand-blasted patterns or beveled panels
  • 2-color varnished doors
  • handles on special order
  • type of door finishing (material)
  • decorative elements (heads and beads)
  • additives (knockers, viewfinder, etc.)
  • falling threshold
  • automatic multipoint lock
Sash types:
  • solid wooden
  • panel
  • glazed
Available veneers:
  • oak
  • beech
  • meranti
  • walnut
  • …...
  • handles
  • glass
  • sleeves
Wooden ornaments for carpentry and joinery

Wood Decorations for building woodwork and ornate wooden portals for interior and exterior doors. Standard sizes for the proposed range. You can change the dimensions of width and thickness depending on individual customer order.

Also available complete sets of doors carved with stylized matched to a given implementation. Special orders based on supplied drawings or photos.