PSK tilt and slide doors

PSK tilt and slide system is available in 2 versions:
PSK Portal 160

PSK Portal 160 balcony tilt and slide doors - Perfect solution for creating space in houses, flats and offices. Slide systems enable to apply big panels, thus making light more available. They are highly functional, very tight, and easily maintained.

In this version, peripheral bolting of the sash is independent of the tilt and slide mechanism. Turning the handle shifts the sash into tilted position not causing the sash to go out from the frame. In order to tilt or slide, pull the sash out from the frame.

This system is intended for small and medium sashes. Advanced technology enables easy handling. After twisting the ergonomic handle by 90 degrees, the sash comes into tilting position. Further downward twist moves it to a sliding position.

  • Minimum width of one sash - 86 cm
  • Maximum width of one sash – 160 cm
  • Maximum sash weight -160 kg
  • Automatic shifting into tilting position
Handle position:
  • tilting
  • opening
  • closing
PSK 200 Z

PSK 200 Z balcony system was created for opening and tilting tilt and slide sashes of large dimensions. Maximum weight of a sash with dimensions from 770 mm to 2000 mm width and 1000 mm to 2360 mm height is 200 kg. The system includes “window opening forcing” function by changing handle position. Due to this, opening the balcony becomes much easier and does not require any effort. By twisting the handle downwards, we position the sash in the start position from which it can be sled aside effortlessly. Peripheral bolting and sash movements are controlled by the handle and synchronized. After twisting the handle, the sash becomes tilted and then comes out of the frame, becoming ready to slide.

Special design of corners enables easy and comfortable tilting of large and heavy window panels without any effort and increased distance between the sash and frame during sliding what also considerably facilitates opening the balcony.

PSK 200 Z balcony doors are equipped with an anti-burglary system with a possibility of mounting a main lock in case it is used as “second door”, e.g. terrace or garden door.

  • Minimum width of one sash - 77 cm
  • Maximum width of one sash – 200 cm
  • Maximum sash weight -200 kg
  • Automatic shifting into tilting position
Technical specification
WOOD: Pine / Meranti / Oak or other as ordered. High class four-layer glued wood
STRUCTURE: Profile of 68 mm or 90 mm width in energy efficient version
PAINTS: As requested by the Client: side-hung, tilt and turn, tilt, fixed, shop windows, slide and turn.
  • scumbles emphasizing wood structure,
  • opaque in full RAL palette
  • 4-layer system for painting with highly dilutable ecological Sikkens paints
  • single and double colored joinery.
  • Standard: “thermofloat” glazing Ug= 1,1 W/m2K
  • Optionally:
    • Safe and anti-burglary window panels
    • Absorptive and reflective (anti-solar) panels
    • Sound absorption panels,
    • Self cleaning panels
  • Siegenia-Aubi
  • HPP, Deventer seals
  • Bilateral silicone covering in joinery color

PSK 160:

  • Sash width on a notch: 670 to 1600 mm
  • Sash height on a notch: 840 to 2360 mm
  • Max. sash weight: 160 kg

PSK 200Z:

  • Sash width on a notch: 770 to 2000 mm
  • Sash height on a notch: 1000 to 2360 mm
  • Max. sash weight: 200 kg
  • Standard: Aluminum
  • Optionally: Steel - color: silver
  • Plastic - colors: silver, black, light brown, dark brown
OPENING OPTIONS: PSK Portal diagrams
  • 2-sash doors – one slide sash, fixed glazed frame
  • 3-sash doors – central slide sash, two external fixed glazed frames
  • 3-sash doors – central, fixed glazed frame, two external slide sash
  • 4-sash doors – two central slide doors, two external fixed elements – glazed frames
PSK Portal diagrams