HS lift and slide doors

Great arrangement possibilities

HS Portal is a system of balcony lift and slide doors with low threshold (5 mm). HS is an ideal solution in places where space and comfort are very important. Low threshold enables obstacle-free movement, which is particularly important in case of children, elderly or disabled people.

However the undoubtedly greatest advantage of the HS system is the fact that it provides the possibility of glazing a wall with a width of over 19 m, giving us huge possibilities of interior arrangement.

HS lift and slide system is an ideal solution for very wide and high opened glass panels.

HS ferrules used in such type of balcony doors enable sliding the sashes in one plane without the necessity of putting sashes aside prior to sliding.

In spite of great dimensions and weight of the sash, handling of HS lift and slide doors is very simple and does not require considerable physical strength. By turning a big handle by 180 degrees we lift the sash up over its starting position and slide it on a rail to get to the desired position.

A trouble-free sash sliding is achieved due to special rollers with bearings located in the lower sash sill. Lowering the sash causes it to become locked without the necessity of using any additional protection. Sash in a closed position is sealed with a double seal, which, combined with well-insulated rail, guarantees proper thermal comfort. We also offer a corner version of this door. In such case, opening both sashes frees up the entire corner of the room.

Remote control

The latest offered solution is the possibility of using a remotely controlled balcony opening and closing system.

HS Portal terrace doors are characterized by:

  • smooth and easy handling
  • exceptionally low threshold
  • possibility of glazing an area of width up to 19 m
  • sliding doors in one plain without a necessity of putting sashes aside prior to sliding.
  • modern form
  • comfort
Technical specification
WOOD: Pine / Meranti / Oak or other as ordered. High class four-layer glued wood
STRUCTURE: Sash: thickness 68 or 90 mm
Frame: thickness 171 mm or 208 mm
Low aluminum threshold (5 mm over the floor)
PAINTS: As requested by the Client: side-hung, tilt and turn, tilt, fixed, shop windows, slide and turn.
  • scumbles emphasizing wood structure,
  • opaque in full RAL palette
  • 3-layer system for painting with highly dilutable ecological Sikkens paints
  • single and double colored joinery.
  • Standard: “thermofloat” glazing Ug= 1,1 W/m2K
  • Optionally:
    • Safe and anti-burglary window panels
    • Absorptive and reflective (anti-solar) panels
    • Sound absorption panels,
    • Self cleaning panels
    • Tiple panel
  • Siegenia
  • Hoppe seals
  • Bilateral silicone covering in joinery color
  • Standard: Aluminum
  • Optionally: Steel - color: silver
  • Plastic - colors: silver, black, light brown, dark brown
Additional fittings
HS PORTAL Hebelübersicht

HS PORTAL ECO Bodenschwelle Auschnitt
HS Portal diagrams
The appearance of various shades in one type of wood occurs due to the character and natural features of the wood. Moreover, wood samples can differ from actual shades due to different monitor parameters.

HS PORTAL Hebel und Beschlagabdeckung Farbvarianten, Deutsch