FS accordion doors

FS accordion door is an investment for the future.

Application of wooden soft line profiles characterized by high stability and aesthetic values combined with considerable amount of glass gives an effect of bright and elegant interiors.

Accordion doors are ideal for the space between your garden and home, providing more space and bringing you closer to nature.

  • Accordion system perfectly protects against unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, etc.
  • Accordion balcony doors enable to create a nice place in our home.
  • FS accordion doors can be easily opened and sled aside. Therefore they occupy not much valuable space in our home and provide wide view and access to light.
  • Due to a possibility of applying various options of division and number of slide sashes, there is a possibility of slide the whole FS set aside even up to a width of 6,5 m. Balcony sashes can be sled to one side and both sides in case of larger dimensions.
  • We manufacture FS balcony doors in dimensions as ordered, in any type of glass and various range of colors.
  • FS doors give a possibility of using a low threshold.
  • Balcony accordion doors are widely used in e.g.: winter gardens, balconies, terraces, cafés, indoor swimming pools and as separating walls.
  • Solution diagrams

FS Portal diagrams