Gates and fences

Gates, fences, partitions and railings

Superdrew accepts orders for wooden gates, fences, partitions between balconies, as well as wooden and wooden-glass railings with safe glass elements.

We offer you the following types of gates:

  • up and over doors - mounted on hinges fixed on fence poles.
  • rail sliding gates - modern and comfortable solution in which sash (or sashes) moves on a rail mounted in the ground with the use of special rollers. Such gates do not occupy valuable area during opening because sash slides along the fence.
  • sliding self-supporting gate – their sashes are extended by so called counterweight. No rail is required and sashes move without touching the ground.

Gates can be opened manually or automatically with the use of remotely controlled mechanism.

Gates, fences, railings and partitions are made of the following types of wood:

  • pine,
  • alder,
  • poplar
  • spruce
  • or exotic wood according to Client’s preferences.

In order to maintain reliability and aesthetic values of our products for many years, wood is impregnated and coated with ecological paints in a wide range of colors. We can offer you our designs or execute your own designs or ideas. We offer wide range of possibilities, rich coloring and high quality. We provide design and technical consultancy, measurements, transport and professional assembly.

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