External window sills

Superdrew offers its Clients a service of equipping windows also with external aluminum sills. Based on preferences of our Clients, we offer Gutman Standard and Aluron Soft Line sills.

Our aluminum sills are characterized by high quality and stiffness, as well as resistance to weather conditions, ageing and damage.

External window sills are available in various colors, which provides wide designing possibilities and enables to match the sills both to coloring of the windows and the building façade.

Available coloring

Anodized window sills: silver, gold, olive, brown.

Powder coated window sills: every color from RAL palette.

There are also a possibility of veneering sills with a wood-like films.


Sill thickness: 2 mm

Available widths:

  • Gutmann: 5 cm to 42 cm,
  • Aluron: 15 cm to 30 cm

External sills are finished with aluminum elements in the color of the sill.