External roller blinds


Often used both in existing and new buildings. They can be mounted both in window recess and on the surrounding walls. They are widely used in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional construction industry. A wide range of profiles (in terms of width and length) results in a fact that they are one of the most popular window covers in Poland and all over the world. Roller blinds are available in two versions: traditional (square case with bottom cut at 45°) or half oval (oval case).


Roller blinds in Integro system are used in all types of buildings. However, they are especially intended for new buildings and objects with new insulation or renovated elevation. Using Integro roller blinds in such cases enables to enclose the front of the roller case and guides, which makes the façade more visually attractive. Moreover, flush-mounted elements of the system do not interfere with structure of the window, doors or lintel and therefore do not influence energetic balance of the building. Integro system offers roller blinds only in externally winded version (left-handed).

Roller blind case is integrated into the existing lintel. It nicely combines with building elevation, constituting its integral part. Face of the case also serves as a base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker), thus becoming an unnoticeable element of a building façade. Modern structure of the case allows to execute maintenance and service works on roller mechanical elements without disturbing anyone’s privacy. The system guarantees perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

Integro is a system, which can also be applied in existing constructions during modernization or replacement of windows. Flexibility of this system is additionally emphasized by the fact that roller blinds are offered in a wide range of colors to match almost every elevation.


Roller blinds in this system are assembled at the same time as the windows. They are fixed in a bay along with the window and are suitable for tight enclosure. Case and guides are made of high quality PVC. Application of additional insulation results in reducted thermal fluctuations.

Attachment System is highly universal and meets the requirements of non-enclosed, partially enclosed and fully enclosed roller blinds. It is used in new buildings and during modernization of already existing objects. These roller blinds can be connected to any PVC, aluminum and wooden windows.