Secondary production

Sawdust is a basic material for manufacturing various types of wood-based materials, such as fiberboard and flaxboard.

Nowadays, considerable attention is paid to generation of power from recyclable and ecological materials. Sawdust is such a material. After processing, it can be used as heating base material (briquettes) or as an additive (added to coal in heat and power stations).

Pine bark is ideal for mulching. It prevents weed growth, maintains high ground humidity and protests against frost in winter. It acts as a decorative element, changing appearance of gardens. It is most often used for mulching of trees, coniferous bushes and rockeries.

Fire bundles – broadleaved and coniferous wood used for heating households.

Fire bags – dry wood, mainly coniferous but also broadleaved, is a great material for firing up and burning in furnaces and boilers.

Briquette – is a processed sawmill pressed under high pressure, guaranteeing high energy condensation. This process takes place without the use of any additional binders. Briquette is characterized with high energetic features, low moisture content, and after burning it turns into ecological ash which can be used as a natural garden fertilizer.