Modern firewalls

Modern windows and wooden glazed
firewalls Ei 30, 60 Ei, Ei 120

SUPERDREW manufactures wooden joinery fire Ei 30, 60 Ei, Ei 120.

We offers:
  • – windows- highlights (fix) fire resistance Ei 30, Ei 60
  • – wooden glass partitions with fire resistance Ei 30, Ei 60
  • – wooden-steel windows fire permanent and walls of fire resistance Ei 120

    Fire windows and walls of fire resistance characterized by high quality, aesthetics and safety of use. The wooden walls of fire are used for the separation of spaces and housing escape routes. They are fire resistant glazed safety glass with adequate fire resistance class.

    Moveable partitions on a wooden frame are constructed as a fire barrier, and their effectiveness has been proven more than once in the research and real fire situations. The wood is good and predictable behavior in the fire, because it chars at a slow pace, and more importantly, maintains its structural integrity.

    Wooden glass fire walls of fire classification are partitions for which the fire resistance was determined in accordance with the relevant European standards.

    Classified fire (fire-resistant) glass, wooden walls prevent the spread of fire through the creation of structures (ie. Interval), which will not collapse, nor subjected to fire for a specified period of time.

    This type of joinery is particularly suitable for public buildings but also in private construction.

    Our products offer a wide range of colors, both transparent and RAL.

    All orders are executed for individual orders, according to the design, specification and personal preferences of customers.

    By providing comprehensive customer service offer technical advice, installation and service SUPERDREW company.

    Do you have questions? Call: +48 32 643 35 19

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