Veka Perfectline Oval window system

  1. Penta-chamber system with construction depth (frame width) of 70 mm enabling thermal protection on a very high level. In case of using a standard panel (Us=1,0 or 1,1 W/m2K), heat transfer coefficient for the whole window will be U=1,2 do 1,3 W/m2K. In case of using glazing of even lower heat transfer coefficient, there will be a possibility of achieving U<1,0 W/m2K. (Calculations acc. to DIN-EN 10077 standard, “U” values relate to windows with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm, that is area of 1,82 m2).
  2. Possibility of using glazing with thickness of 14 to 42 mm without a necessity of using additional profiles.
  3. Thickness of external profile walls ≥2,8 mm, that is parameters fulfilling the highest RAL standards – "A" class (PN-EN 3.12608).
  4. A set of two external seals providing very efficient tightness, acoustic and thermal insulation. Surfaces of seals with 15 grade slope (identical as profiles) – enable draining water and contamination.
  5. Proven steel reinforcements providing excellent static properties, long-term maintenance of window functions and anti-burglary safety. Frame includes a chamber for closed steel reinforcement whereas chamber in a sash is for double waved open reinforcement (exceptional solution in window technique). Possibility of constructing sashes of 1500 mm width without any additional protections.
  6. Design of classic optics and balanced proportions. Softened, neutral appearance and external edges fit to almost every elevation. Profiles are suitable for bending arches. Possibility of using one of three types of Georgian bars: internal, external glued or dividing window structure.
  7. Low total side height of profiles of sash and frame equaling only 118 mm guarantees larger panel area and excellent interior illumination.
  8. Reliable assembly of ferrules in sash and frame through several profile walls including anti-burglary ferrules..
  9. Possibility of fixing additional ferrules in the frame and assembly of supporting elements to a steel reinforcement with closed cross-section.
  10. Smooth, easily maintained surfaces of profiles made of high class PVC – a 100% recyclable material.
  11. 13-milimetre ferrule notch gives a reliable protection against window breakage or removal.
  12. Reliable panel fixation in a profile on a depth of 24 mm reduces vapor condensation and protects the window against unwelcome guests.
  13. Seal in "ashy" or "caramel" color adjusted to finishing of profiles. They increase window aesthetic value.
  14. System combined with appropriate glazing enables to fulfill conditions of 6th acoustic insulation class, i.e. to muffle noise up to 50 dB (e.g. roads with traffic volume of 5000 vehicles / hour.).